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Story Gathering:

An Oral History Project

We believe that stories, your stories, matter.

Based on and
Listening is an Act of Love by Dave Isay

Our goal is to honor and respect our valuable elders, the Storytellers, by recording their oral histories. Story Gatherers are volunteers who choose to interview an elder, record the conversation and then transcribe it. offers a list of questions to use as a springboard for these conversations.

Our special collection of documents, Dynamic Lives: Oral Histories from Three Rivers, California, will be housed at Three Rivers Branch of the Tulare County Library in the “Local Authors/Interests” reference section. They will also be preserved at the Three Rivers Historical Museum, in the Annie B. Mitchell History Room at the Tulare County Library in Visalia, and in the California State Library Archives. Talented mother-daughter artists, Nadi Spencer and Renny Spencer, are honoring the Storytellers by painting portraits of elders who gift us with their stories.

If you are willing to share your story or would like to volunteer as a Story Gatherer, please contact Elizabeth Holliday or Grace Klassen.

Phone: 559 465-4666


Dynamic Lives series, painting by Renny Spencer


The Pen Pal Project

The Pen Pal Project connects seniors and school children in Three Rivers several times each year. This letter- writing activity builds connections between the age groups and promotes the power of literacy. Our goal is to weave our elders more closely into the fabric of our village. Give us a call!

(559) 465-4666