Sharing Family Information – Parent with Child

  • Parents maintain control

Listen to, and honor your parents’ wishes for the future.  Work together to bring plans to life.  Embellish plans with personality!

  • Create new trust relationship

Roles change from caregiver to cared for.  Comfort is trusting you will carry out mom and dad’s wishes

  • Gather critical records

Pack a suitcase of legal documents before a crisis

     Financial – List:  Bank/brokerage/investment Accounts; Pension contracts; Deeds; Vehicle titles; Loans, debts, credit cards; Financial power of attorney; Trust documents;Tax returns; Business contracts

     Healthcare Needs:  Advanced Healthcare Directive (living will); Authorization to release health-care information; Medical histories; Insurance cards, Medication list; Health conditions

     Estate, End-of-Life:  Will and Trust documents, Life insurance policies, Memorial wishes and personal touches; Burial/cremation plans; Organ donor choices