• Mar2020

    We’re Here to Help

    March 23, 2020

    Dear Local Seniors, We are friends and neighbors committed to lending our helping hands when you want assistance during this unusual time dealing with Covid 19 Virus. We will: Call you by phone to check in regularly Drive you to medical appointments Shop for essentials and deliver to your home...

  • Each year during tax season, scammers try to use mail, phone calls, or email as a means to target individuals, businesses, and tax professionals. Thousands of people lose millions of dollars and their personal information to scammers each year. To lessen your chances of being a victim, there are a...

  • Feb2020

    Whether you’re addressing an issue or having a health emergency, it’s important to contact an expert who can answer your questions and get you help.  Keep these numbers in your phone or on hand in time of need: The USAGov Contact Center 1-844-872-4681:  Call for information on federal agencies, programs,...

  • May2018

    Tell me…..

    May 30, 2018

  • Jan2017

    Medicare Watchwords!

    January 18, 2017

    Medicare – No official sales reps Unsolicited sales calls are prohibited Guard your personal information Take your time You don’t have to make a change Compare benefits, premiums, out-of-pocket costs Is my doctor part of the plan? Keep a record of calls (date, name, info) Call CA Dept of Insurance...

  • Jul2016

    1. Agree, never argue 2. Divert, never reason 3. Distract, never shame 4. Reassure, never lecture 5. Reminisce, never say “Remember…” 6. Repeat, never say “I told you…” 7. Do what they can do, never say “You can’t…” 8. Ask, never command 9. Encourage, never condescend 10. Reinforce, never force