Dynamic Lives series, painting by Nadi Spencer

Your response to my call was so prompt. Thanks for helping me get to church and chair exercise!

– Three Rivers Senior

You connected me to a writer who helped me publish my memoir. I couldn’t have done it without you.

– Three Rivers Octogenarian

I’m so grateful for the rides to the free movie, the doctor and shopping. I’d be lost without your help. I don’t have enough words to tell you what a difference you’ve made for me.

– Newly arrived Elder in Three Rivers

The driver you found for me was so sweet. Would you contact her again for a shopping trip next week?

– Long time resident of Three Rivers returning from Southern California

Your resource list gave us options to choose from and saved me so much time finding help for my mother. Thank you.

– Daughter of Three Rivers Matriarch

Thank you for your thoughtful note. We deeply appreciate your offer of assistance for these helpful services. Mom is good with being picked up for the Thingerie this morning. This is a great start! We will continue to talk and figure out the best plans we can to help out mom & dad. It is heart warming and of great relief, knowing we have such wonderful people in this community who are willing to help out. We will be in touch. Bless you.

– Chearl

Thank you.  We appreciated the course [Advance Health Care Directives].  It was very timely for our 97 year-old mother. Thanks to both you and Sarah for your generous investment of time and interest in this topic.

– Tom

Thank you so much for your help. It was so fantastic that I started a file folder with all the names, phone numbers, and notes by everyone who I talked to. A few days ago, I had zero prospects. Now I have talked to some wonderful, caring people, and I think we will have backups for our backups! BLESS YOU!

– Sarah